Our Fleet / Okeanos Aggressor I

The Okeanos Aggressor I is a boat with aluminum hull, and 110 feet, which accommodates up to 22 passengers, 9 double cabins and 1 quad cabin with all the amenities required for a trip of this kind.

In addition, Okeanos has several areas where guests can relax after the dives.

The cruise aboard Okeanos Aggressor I begins in Puntarenas, after a navigation of 32 hours, we get to the island, paradise for divers. 7 days of intensive diving goes a long way, even to repeat dives such as Alcyone, Dirty Rock and Manuelita.

On board, you’ll enjoy not only diving, but a great buffet meal, great comfort in the cabins with bath, shower, dvd and private TV, the help of the instructors in photography and video as well as the characteristic friendliness of the people of Costa Rica, the Ticos.

Depending on the tides, Okeanos Aggressor I vary their departure times from Puntarenas.


Check schedule for hotel pickup before departure.

Yatch Staterooms


Deluxe Staterooms (#3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11)

Staterooms #3-6 with 2 single beds.

Staterooms  #7-11 with full sized bed and single bed on top.


Quad Stateroom(#2)

Two lower full-sized beds and two single beds on top.

All staterooms include private shower, wardrobe, exterior window, individual climate control and hair dryer.

The Crew

Meet the Crew

Mauricio Marin (Captain)

Mauricio, nicknamed Mimoso, is 40 years old and he is originally from Liberia. He is married with 4 kids and his passion is the sea, fishing, diving or just sailing is what he likes to do the most. He also enjoys his days off trekking beautiful spots all along Costa Rica. He has been a captain for the last 8 years; he is also a TDI instructor, u/w photographer and loves to shoot video. He has been with the company for the last 15 years, and climbed his way up to captain. He is the kind of person that can do any work onboard, very hard worker, he has a sweet character and loves to joke with crew and guests.

Carlos de la Cruz (Cruise Director)

Carlos, nicknamed Litus, is originally from Barcelona, but he moved to Costa Rica 8 years ago where he plans to stay. PADI and SSI instructor he is totally in love with the island where he started working about 1.5 years ago. He loves photography and shoots the u/w video onboard. If you have any questions regarding video or photo, he is your man. Friendly and hard worker are for sure two of his characteristics.

Warren Fernandez (Dinghy Driver)

Warren is 29 years old and lives in Puntarenas.Warren is been working on different vessels for the last 10 years and one of his favourite sports together with diving is playing football.He is also a DM and loves being in the water.

Anibal Morales (Dinghy Driver/Divemaster)

Anibal is 38 years old, born in Chinandega, Nicaragua, but had lived in Costa Rica, Puntarenas, since he was 8 years old.He is married and has a 8 years old that loves coming to the vessel to see his dad and all the crew that he knows since he was born. Anibal has worked in the company for the last 8 years and its for sure a dive addict.

Miguel Marin (Engineer)

Miguel is our captain’s brother. He is 55 years old and lives in Alajuela, a little town near San José. He is in charge of electronics, engines, and can fix almost anything. He really enjoys his job and sailing and when engines give him some time off, he loves to dive also.

Jairol Hernandez (Head Chef)

Jairol is been working onboard for the past 2 years. He has more than 10 years experience working in restaurants and yachts all over the world including Panama, Baja California, Ecuador, Belize and many others. He just got married so all his time off he spends with his wife. He is a great chef and his specialty is seafood and local cuisine.

Luis Jarquin (Night Guard)

Luis is 34 years old. He was born in Nicaragua but came to Costa Rica when he was very young and lived in Puntarenas for many years. He is in charge of looking after the needs of the yacht and guests during the night. He also gives a hand to the crew during the day in whatever they need. He can be defined as a real hard worker and is a dive addict.

Edgar Murillo Quiros (Night Guard)

Edgar is 33 years old, he has 3 kids, and his knickname on the vessel is “the vampire” since he is always on duty at night.He has 3 kids, lives in Puntarenas and is been working on the sea for 13 years now on different roles.His favourite activities are mountain biking, diving and sport fishing together with spending time with his family.

Dive the World Club: 25%

8 December- 18 December


Okeanos Aggressor I Video

Okeanos Aggressor I Specs

Lenght: 110 feet
Beam: 24 feet
Crew: 9
Capacity: 22 passengers

The Charter includes

  • Liveaboard.
  • 3 or 4 dives a day, depending on the park regulations for nightly immersions. Always 3 immersions during daytime are performed.
  • Dives guided by a divemaster / instructor
  • Compressed air tanks, weights and weight belts
  • All meals and snacks
  • Soft drinks
  • Wine and local beer

Diving Environment

  • Whale sharks,schooling hammerhead sharks, white-tip sharks, tuna, manta rays, turtles and giant frogfish
  • Water temperature: 72 - 82F with cooler thermoclines
  • 3 - 5 mm wetsuit recommended

Yatch floor plan

Wind Dancer Floor Plan
Room #2 Quad Stateroom
Rm Size: 14 x 6 feet
Top Bunk: 30 x 74 inches
Bottom Double: 53 x 74 inches
Top Bunk: 30 x 74 inches
Bottom Double: 53 x 74 inches

Rooms #3, #4, #5, #6
Deluxe Stateroom

Rm Size: 7 x 5 feet
Top Bunk: 30 x 74 inches
Bottom Bunk: 30 x 74 inches

Room #7 Deluxe Stateroom
Rm Size: 7 x 6 feet
Top Bunk: 30 x 74 inches
Double: 53 x 74 inches

Room #8 Deluxe Stateroom
Rm Size: 7 x 5 feet
Top Bunk: 30 x 74 inches
Double: 53 x 74 inches

Room #9 Deluxe Stateroom
Rm Size: 9 x 5 feet
Top Bunk: 30 x 74 inches
Double: 53 x 74 inches

Room #10 Deluxe Stateroom
Rm Size: 10 x 5 feet
Top Bunk: 30 x 74 inches
Double: 53 x 74 inches

Room #11 Deluxe Stateroom
Rm Size: 10 x 5 feet
Top Bunk: 32 x 77 inches
Double: 53 x 74 inches