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An underwater mountain, where schooling hammerheads are always present. Alcyone is one of the most exciting dive sites in Cocos Island not only because of the hammerheads, but because of the presence of also whale shark and manta rays.
Although most of the times its a dive with current, divers will descend on a rope that will make this site easier to get to the bottom.

Dos Amigos Grande y Pequeña

These two islands are another dive site most appreciated by all divers who visit the island. Always a exciting dive with lots of pelagics and beautiful reef that if current helps, all divers can almost go around.
Grande, on the other side, its a dive with a magnificent arch, a dive through, specially beautiful and appreciated by photographers.

Dirty Rock

Another five star dive on the island. Hundreds of rays gather on this dive along with huge schools of carangids and hammerheads that can be seen out in the blue or by the cleaning stations.
Dirty Rock is one of those dives you will always remember by its beautiful underwater scenery its abundant marine life.

Lone Stone or Shark Fin

As the name says. This is one of the most remote dives on the island, so it is also only dove in daylight hours. Hammerheads guaranteed!


Undoubtedly, one of the best dives on the island. Manuelita offers a variety of dives, one completely different from the other. The deep drift dives showcase a variety of hammerheads and shoals of carangids. At night, in more shallow water without current, Manuelita also offers hundreds of white tips hunting during the night dives being this , one of the most famous and safest night dives worldwide.
Even if you don’t love night dives, this one its a must!!!!

Cocos Island Dive Map Costa Rica

Dive the World Club: 25%

8 December- 18 December


Diving Environment

  • whale sharks, whales, dolphins, mantas, rays, hundreds of white tip sharks , humpback whales, turtles and of course hammers.
  • Water temperature: 72 - 82F with cooler thermoclines
  • 3 - 5 mm wetsuit recommended

Cocos Island Top Dive Map

Cocos Island Dive Map Costa Rica